It sounds so opulent – So grandiose.

Like something you say – but don’t do.

But we try our best, both in small everyday actions and in the big investments.

Here are 2 initiatives we’ve taken (and are still doing) to minimize our footprint:

Small everyday action – Office heating

In our office we’ve got thermostats on our radiators.

The thermostats are coded to turn down the heat at night, during the weekend and other out-of-office periods.

Located in Copenhagen, Scandinavia, we have 9 months of need for heat (more or less), so in the end it might matter. And to be honest we think it’s a bit of a mindset-game as well.

Big investment – Green servers

The single most heavy post we have on our climate report is our servers.

All the films, videos, clips, images and so on takes up a lot of space on servers. Therefore we use ‘green servers’.

And what does that even mean “Green servers”?

We hand the microphone to our supplier:

In Copenhagen we’ve built a unique cooling system. With it we utilize two reservoirs, 70m below ground, in subterranean limestone deposits where water is cooled naturally to 10-11°C.

With this solution, we exploit the natural cooling potential of the water to reduce the load on our chillers. The reduced chiller burden means we make energy savings of more than 1,200 MWh every year. We also use 100 percent renewable energy in Denmark and Sweden.

Sustainable Development Goals 2030

You’ve probably heard of the SDG 2030?

We didn’t take these actions to get a logo/emblem on our website.

But we recognize that our climate actions probably fit into one SDG 2030’s goals.