Individual countries can view their own files directly on any device. They can download proxy-previews, transcoded versions, or original source files. As well they can write comments on the timeline, locked to a timecode so that the hosting broadcaster can easily view their notes.

Why did Eurovision Song Contest choose ioGates

In 2013 Denmark won the Eurovision Song Contest, so the following year Denmark had to host the event organised and hosted by Danmarks Radio (DR), the national broadcasting corporation.

Eurovision has been using ioGates since 2014

DR was looking for a central HUB to manage all the file-based deliveries of rehearsal videos from each of the 41 participating countries. DR contacted ioGates and asked if this was a task that we could fulfill.

ioGates has been designed with borderless collaboration in mind and managed the task to a tee.

Every year since 2014, the hosting country with the national broadcaster had to choose a service for this task and it is a testament to the viability of the platform that ioGates was chosen every time as the preferred tool, except in year 2019.

In 2020, even though the original event was canceled due to the covid19 pandemic, it was decided to use ioGates as the service for the alternative event.

Flexible Workflows

Every host broadcaster have asked for specific set-ups and services in ioGates, but in general they all need three accounts:

Each account with its own library has its individual users, but selected users/admin people can access all three accounts as well.

The ioGates library is using a traditional folder structure so that each country has shared folders used by the national team, these folders can as well as easily be shared in any crossborder workflow. A shared folder can have as many subfolders as needed, e.g. upload, video, audio, text, etc.

Individual countries can now view their own files directly on any device, they can download proxy-previews, transcoded versions, or original source files. They can as well write comments on the timeline, locked to a timecode so that the hosting broadcaster can easily view their notes.

As the ioGates share links also act as an upload link, each country can upload their content back to the host broadcaster by just dragging files into the share link window.

There are two other main ways that Eurovision contestants can upload files to ioGates.

No. 1 – FTP upload directly from EVS disk recorder

The many rehearsals need to be uploaded and shared with all participating countries as easily as possible. Given that most of the host broadcasters use EVS disk recorders to record the rehearsals, it is simple to use the FTP upload feature directly from the EVS disk recorder. Before upload, the EVS operator writes the country code as a prefix at the start of the file name, e.g. “”.

ioGates will then check this prefix upon upload and move the incoming file to the right country folder in the library (in this instance Germany) and send out a notification email that a new rehearsal is ready for viewing.

No. 2 – batch ingest multiple files into ioGates

ioGates Desktop App is also a workflow that is used to batch ingest multiple files into ioGates. The Desktop App is an application (Win, Mac OS, iOS, Linux) which in a simple way creates an upload and download link between the ioGates cloud library and a local folder on the user’s computer. The editor can then export clips directly into the Desktop App watch folder. The clips will be uploaded, a proxy-preview will be made, and an email will be sent out to notify the recipients. All fully automated.

The Desktop App is also used to monitor all incoming files from each country and automatically download the source files and ingest them into the host broadcasters’ MAM server.


Security is a crucial part of the Eurovision workflow. All share links can be protected with three levels depending on what the user believes to be necessary.

The backend users can also be enabled for Two-factor authentication, so all access to ioGates cloud is wrapped in Two-factor authentication protections.

The kind of workflow you need?

If this is the kind of workflow you need for your media sharing, you can try ioGates for free