The Global Pandemic forced the post-production to find new ways to work – or they would’ve gone full stop.
In this short article, we’ll show you how one company did

The global pandemic and the restrictions accelerated a technological change in the filmmaking process: To face this challenge our concept called CloudStudio was born.


The first step was to set up a central exchange, where the raw media could be accessed by the crew. We used – and use – ioGates. An extremely flexible cloud-based storage platform, easily accessible with secure login credentials for those who wish to access the data.


An obstacle emerged as many computers were not up to running applications like Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve. To solve this we turned to cloud computing – which is a virtual computer-based in the cloud.

The actual human interface was solved by the lockdown itself. The plethora of platforms like Zoom and Teams allowed everyone to work together and share ideas as the production evolved.

Finally, we introduced an image restoration process developed by us.


In all, CloudStudio is a futuristic solution to the editing process.

It is the fruit of writers and directors working together with technology experts and scientists to find a better way to create better films.


Watch the movie (2 min) via our Smartlink

Told by Blake Jones, Director French Television