Over 1500 songs have been performed, and they equal 72 hours of listening

Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) has used ioGates as the central HUB for all media sharing and receiving between 43 countries, at 7 of the last 8 shows.


We thought that such a huge and diverse group of people might contain some insights you could use when you use ioGates.


So, we made a demonstration showing you how Eurovision Song Contest uses ioGates.

The demonstration was shown during the DPP Media Supply Festival which we are proud members of. (Security is vital for us)


What is the Eurovision Song Contest?

But before we jump into the demonstration, a little history lesson, to fathom the scope of ESC.

It’s safe to say that the contest and the technical needs have evolved over time – and still are:

All of which increases the need for an advanced technical solution that lets non-techies and non-producers share and watch production clips.


This is why we are so proud to be a part of ESC – but it’s also the reason, why we thought a demonstration of how they use ioGates could have a broader interest.


Whatch the demonstration

We hope this will inspire you in your daily use of ioGates:


Grab a cup of coffee ☕🍵 and watch the 9 min demonstration here 👉https://share.iogates.com/show/535266/367404-tdf8jus2akp3kqjz