Many companies offer to share media files.

But is their share service adaptable enough for the professional workflows required for film and TV productions?

As we know, the devil is in the detail

ioGates share links are adaptable

“Adaptable” -in our world – means that you can change any options on the share link after the link has been sent.

This could be:


All these options are editable per user and not per project or folder.

Each user can have their own share option and they can be changed after the share link has been emailed.

Changing a setting will not require to send out the link again but just for the receiver to re-fresh the link to see the new settings.


Why would you change the share options AFTER having sent the link?:





Imagine you’ve sent a link to your client Antony.

You find out that Antony has a reference clip you should see. Now, all you need to do is to add “upload rights” to Antony’s share link, and Antony can then upload the clip directly on the ioGates share link.

Even from his cell phone.





You’ve shared the production’s Dailies with Antony, and now he wants to download all the hundreds of proxy previews files.

You just add download rights for proxy on Antony’s share link, and he can now download the files, no resent of the link.

Antony can even make the ioGates Desktop app download the files automatically. He just copies the share link into the ioGates Desktop app, and the files will automatically be downloaded.





Antony has a link from a folder in the ioGates library.

You need to share more files with Antony but would like to keep the files in the same folder structure in the library.

You just make a copy of the selected files and drag them into Antony’s shared folder, and immediately Antony can see them. Antony will even get a notification email with a link to the new files.

Adaptable Share Links are truly adaptable at ioGates.

You can send the same link to several people, but each person can have different accesses and options with the link.

You can even make access timebound – and revoke access after having sent it.


Remember you have the option to try ioGates for free, for 14 days – put us to the test and see for your self that our share links are truly Adaptable Share Links.