As a film producer or content owner, you need a secure platform to protect content to successfully produce and sell films worldwide.

Enter: Secure Screening Rooms from ioGates

Secure screening room for dailies
Secure screening room for dailies

How does a secure screening room work?

At ioGates the secure screening rooms let your clients receive customized screener links with easy-to-use two-factor authentication login.

Clients can create comments locked to the time code, and you will receive their comments and reply from any device.

You can read more about the ‘contextual commenting’ feature here

Of course, all ioGates screener links have DRM encryption and watermark protection where the receiver’s e-mail is burned into the proxy video preview. 

As well there are no limits on:

Workflow-wise you have:

In regards to the security you have:

The Secure-part of the screening room

ioGates comply with DPP and TPN for secure content delivery

Trusted Partner Network (TPN)

Contact us if you want to hear more about setting up a Secure Screening Room for you: