The wheel of evolution turns on a (drag-and-drop) revolution.

Drag-and-drop your desktop files

We’re so happy to announce this new drag-and-drop feature which we think is a big one – and the way you do ioGates will change forever.


We’re actually ecstatic 🥳 – and we do hope that you find this a huge help in your daily work


Since the inception of ioGates we have wanted this to be the way you worked.

But until now it hasn’t been possible in a safe and secure way. And security matters to us. Because we know it matters to you.

Some walls have been put in place to keep prying eyes out. However, other walls have kept you, the ioGates user, from working in a more simple and intuitive way.

The new ioGates uploader

Introducing the new uploader!

Well, technically it’s a new uploader but it feels more like we got rid of the upload concept altogether.

Because now you can drag files from your local desktop directly into any ioGates library folder and it will be copied in with subfolders, files and all.

Just like you know it from folders on your local computer!

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With great power comes great responsibility

This means that a single drag and drop can move massive amounts of data to the ioGates library.

So as a result of releasing this power, we made the new uploader more robust and with a resume feature. If the connection accidentally drops, your upload will resume from where it broke, so you don’t have to upload the entirety again.

Where can you use drag and drop?

There are three areas in the ioGates interface you can drag files to.

No. 1
When you drag files into the ioGates library, the folder you are hovering over will become darker, and when you release your files, the upload will begin.

You can view the progress in the top right corner.

No. 2
You can also select a folder in the ioGates library and then drag your files into the area above the menu bar. I find this to be the easiest way.

No. 3
The third way is dragging your files to the area under the ioGates menu bar and letting go. Drag files onto here, and they will be going into the classic “inbox”.

We hope you all like the new features because as evolutions go, this one is quite the revolution!

All the ways to make input/output workflows

These new features bring the total sum of ioGates input/output workflows to nine:

  1. Drag and drop to any library folder.
  2. Direct FTPS upload to any library folder.
  3. Automatically upload and download with ioGates Desktop app.
  4. Upload on all ioGates Smart links
  5. Cell phone upload from Smart links
  6. Upload app for Android and iOS cell phones.
  7. AWS S3 upload and download.
  8. Public upload point.
  9. massive.io accelerated upload.


Watch the video