Media Management

ioGates MM is a single solution for managing all of your media files.
From ingest, sharing and distribution to mastering and social media upload.

Ingest any file type in any size. Use HTTP upload, FTP/SFTP or ioGates' Desktop App to create automated ingest workflows, with viewable notification share links when new content is uploaded.
The ioGates library has a regular tree structure and works with drag and drop to move files between folders. Use shift select to move or copy multiple files or folders around in the Library.
Professional Media Player
Media playback is central to the ioGates library. Click on any file in library and the file is loaded in the player regardless of it being video, audio, pictures, txt or PDF files. Control the video speed with keyboard shortcuts j-k-l or frame step with the arrows keys.

A unique feature in ioGates is that any file or folder can be shared directly from the Library with clients and partners with very high security.
Simple Sharing With Advanced Features
Share to a group by using the address group. Automatically let your recipients get notification E-mails when new content is available on their share links and they can reply back with comments, even on a frame-level timecode mark. Create smarter and faster ingest share links to receive files directly from your clients and partners, no need to wait on receiving DropBox or Wetransfer mails, and then having to upload to ioGates.
ioGates sharing service is made so the receiver does not have to type in a password, but simply press the “view files” in the emails. This is to make it as easy as possible, but if you would like to have more control over the login to your share links then we have made a secure simple to use “two-factor authentication”. The way it works is that the receiver gets the share email as normal but when they press the “view files” on the shared mail they will be asked to type in a 4 digit code they receive on their cell phone. This way your receivers will need both the email and the 4 digit code from the text message.
Sub Clip
Create sub-clips by marking IN and OUT in the proxy player and combine all sub-clips into one and have it automatically transferred to a NLE workstation or publish to social media sites.
Link Sub-Clip to a Workflow
Create a sub-clip with the use of mark IN/OUT in the part of a section you would like from the source file. Cut out highlights from an event and combine the sub-clips into one and have them transferred to a NLE or social media sites, including transcoding to specific format and codec.
Link to Source
ioGates keeps track of the relation between the source and sub-clips, so it is possible to see what sub-clips a source file has and on a sub-clip, you can click to view the source clip it is derived from.

Video files can be transcoded to any format and codec with a simple transcoding preset. Original source clips can be transcoded to multiple other formats and each format is linked to the source clip and can be displayed on the share links with download rights.
Predefined presets for each format profile and transcoded formats are linked to the source file. Proxy previews can also be re-transcoded with a new pre-set like timecode burn-in, title safe, or aspect ratio.
Transcode Workflow
Batch transcode is possible and with the use of the Desktop App, you can create workflows where you copy a file into one local folder on your computer and then receive a new transcoded file back into another local folder.

Video files can be published to social media sites, like Facebook and YouTube.
Easy Publish
Any video file in the Library can be used in the Publish menu, regardless of the codec. Manage multiple Facebook and YouTube accounts with easy uploading.
The Publish section can also be used for workflows where a source file can be distributed, Shared, Transcoded, and uploaded to Social Media sites.

Quality Check
Run Quality checks on audio and video files with Telestream Vidchecker.
QC files with simple pre-sets, and have the QC pdf report attached to the source file.
Be Safe
It's easy to check your programs for double frames, audio levels or even transcode to a new format where white, black and chroma is legalized.
Distribute media files with ioGates Desktop App, and create advanced ingest and distribution workflows very easily.
Predefined Distribution Workflows
Quick transfers of any video file in the Library can be used in predefined distribution workflows. A destination can also include trancoding to the specification of the target, before the transfer.
Distribution Combined With Desktop App
Combine a distribution workflow with the Desktop App, so a file copied into a local folder on a server or Laptop will be uploaded transcoded and distributed in one process fully automated.
Real-time subtitling overlay with support for multiple languages, also on the share links. If you need to have the subtitles burned into a new file, then this is also possible.
Real Time Subtiling
Upload subtitling SRT files to each video file and have the media player display them, also on the share links.
Burn-in Subtitling
Burn-in subtitles directly into a new video file, and send the new file into a workflow where the file is transferred to e.g. a NLE

Cell Phone App
ioGates also has a Cell phone App for journalists or partners to transfer video or pictures back to ioGates.
Ingest With Prefix
The Upload App supports filename prefixes so all clips are uploaded with a custom prefix. This is useful for easier searching or can trigger a workflow to start
Journalist In The Field
A journalist in the field uses ioGates' upload App on the cell phone to upload a video clip. The journalist sets the option to add a prefix on the video clip filename, let’s say it is “Alert_filename” The file is uploaded to ioGates. ioGates will look for “Alert_filename” on all ingested filenames, and when detected, move the file to the shared folder and transcode the file to DNxHD for editors to edit on the fly.
Desktop App
Create distributed workflows. Mirror file location and give the video editors an easy way to send approvals to the client.
From cloud to desktop. And back
The Desktop App links to ioGates with the use of share links that you paste into the Desktop App. You set the preferences on the Share link that the Desktop App shall perform: upload / Download or even selecting what transcoded format it should download.
All communication and data transfers are encrypted with SSL and the Desktop App also support ioGates two- factor authentication service.

We’ve been developing ioGates since 2003 – See all features here

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