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Pricing starts at 99€/month

ioGates is a flexible, yet easy to use file sharing platform tailored for video production.

You can easily control what the individual receiver can see and do on a share link and all permissions can be modified at any time without the need to re-send the share link.

  • Enable download for original files and/or transcoded version
  • Give the share user the ability to upload content back into the share folder
  • Enable comments so your clients can give feedback, even on specific time codes
  • High Security – Using Personalized Watermarking the proxy preview video will have the share receiver’s email address burned in.
  • High Security – Two factor Authentication on shares links and backend users.
  • Real time subtitling overlay with support multiple languages

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The Benfits of ioGates

Share Links from ioGates provide a clean and efficient interface for viewing files. All files are automatically prepared for preview making it easy for you and your clients.

“I love the security and speed that ioGates provide” – Jesper Kodahl “Director”

The comments option allows you and your team to have contextual communication and receive approvals. Use ioGates as a delivery platform with the download options or receive files directly in the shared folder using the upload option

ioGates is designed to give none technical users the ability to manage advanced media workflows without lengthy training sessions. ioGates will save your company time and money by reducing manpower and speeding up workflows, but most importantly make you and your clients happier.

ioGates simply makes your life easier and your clients happy.


  • High Security – Two factor Authentication on shares links and backend users
  • Personalized Watermark – Receivers e-mail is burned in the proxy preview
  • Digital Rights Management – DRM encryption
  • Collaborating – Comments on specific time codes
  • Download – Original, proxy and/or transcoded versions
  • Upload any file on the share links
  • Meta Data – import/export XML
  • Real time subtitling overlay with support multiple languages
  • Publish – Transfer video to Social Media sites
  • Sub clips – Multiple mark in/out including transcoding of sub clips
  • Desktop App for automatic upload and download workflows
  • QC Workflow – Quality Check of Audio and Video files
  • Transcoding of video files – from and to any codec/format
  • Distribution of video in any format, including XML
  • Subtitling in broadcast quality
  • Automated workflows
  • Active Directory – SAML2 and LDAP integration for single sing on

ioGates Desktop

ioGates Desktop is an application you can install on any server, workstation or laptop for automating download and upload of content to and from your ioGates cloud account. ioGates Desktop is supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Example. You have a production that delivers XDCAM files from location A, but you need to have DNxHD to location B and ProRes to location C.

Install the ioGates Desktop on all the locations. The ioGates Desktop can have multiple upload and download paths, one for each share link. Set the Location A to upload and the location B and C to download and only select to download the DNxHD and ProRes. ioGates will then automatically upload and transcode the XDCAM files to DNxHD and ProRes and download these at locations B and C. The ioGates Desktop App is used in large content delivery like feature film dailies/ rushes and large video files or simply just for client’s approvals process.


ioGates offers a high level of security when managing and sharing your media files.

  • First layer security is the option to use Two Factor authentication to log in to your account. ioGates also offers Two Factor Authentication for your clients, when they receive an ioGates share link.

  • Second level is the option to add your clients E-mail as a watermark when you share your valuable assets.
  • Third level is DRM (Digital Rights Management). By using DRM your assets are encrypted all the to the monitor and it is not even possible to take a screen dump.
  • Fourth level is AD (Active Directory) single sign on solution for Enterprise plans.

The ioGates Interface

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