Sharing your media and files

Sharing – in all its aspects – is the key feature in ioGates and what makes it so powerful.

You can share any type of media or file, in any size, fast, easy and with the highest level of security.

Share with your contacts

Iogates has a built-in address book. Add all your contacts for easy and fast sharing

Create groups and distribute shares to multiple contacts and workgroups.

Enable auto notification. This way, when a new file is added to a folder a notification email is automatically sent to all its shared members .

Manage the downloads

You have options to manage what the recipients are able to do and see on the share links:

Get contextual comments

The comments option allows you and your team to have contextual communication and receive approvals, with frame-accurate timecode marks.

No need to have an endless email correspondence on which part of the clip should be changed, approved or be deleted.

Everything is contained within the clip – where you need it.

Upload directly into the library

Enable upload on the share link so your clients can upload files directly into the library.

This way you have all versions of the clip located in one place.

Create automated workflows

When you want to share your files with clients and partners on a regular basis, you can set up an automated workflow for a specific folder.

This way the files, within this folder are always visible to the predefined emails, with predefined rights.

An easy way to make up- and downloading work the same way each time.

To create these automated workflows, you’ll use our io app, which is free to use for you and your clients.

We’ve been developing ioGates since 2003 – See all features here

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