Sharing Security

Your media clips and files are intended for your eyes only – or those colleagues, partners or clients you choose.

We pride ourselves of a focus on, and maintenance of a strong security.

You will find 3 layers of security within ioGates, which meets all your needs for sharing in confidentiality.

Two-factor authentication

You can set a Two-factor authentication on the share link, then the recipient receives a code on the mobile that must be used to view the link.

Two-factor authentication

Personalized Watermark

To even further enhance the security, add Personalized Watermark where the receiver’s E-mail is burned into the proxy video preview.

Personalized watermark burned into the proxy video preview

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Optional Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected video streaming using Intertrust ExpressPlay.

Digital Rights Management

Share Link Password

By popular demand we have created a Vimeo-like functionality with a “one password for all users” access. Not a feature we recommend as the security suffers, but the feature is available for those with such inclinations.

We’ve been working on ioGates since 2003 – See all features here

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