Post Production

With ioGates it is now possible to create an archive of all your master files with any format and codec. Once archived, you can search and manage your master files and create transcoded versions for your client to see and/or download. Also possible are instant approval of programs as you share the media with client and streaming to an iPhone or iPad as well as PC. No more slow consumer file share services. For example, producer needs three programs, made last year, for a new pitch ASAP. Create a new folder with copies of the three programs, issue and email shared link to client, who will be able to view the media in minutes. If needed, add an extra layer of security by enabling SMS password protection.



Use ioGates to share your film production dailies with your film crew. Receive approvals directly from the post-production facility to your ioGates account in any format, and get an instant preview. No need to login to the postproduction facility’s FTP server, download files or ask your clients to do the same. You can view and approve the spots in ioGates and then share them with your crew or clients. They’ll receive a custom-designed mail with a link to the files, which they can watch in their browser without the need to download anything. They can see camera reports, jog frame-by-frame to check problem shots, write comments and see your dailies on an iPhone or iPad.


Exports From DI Systems and Offline Software

It has never been easier to get your approvals to your clients. Export your clip from grading and finishing DI system or the offline edit and drag them directly into your ioGates upload browser. They will be uploaded with ioGates’ special “UDP” software and with 256bit encryption. When they appear in the ioGates upload menu, drag-and-drop them into the library. Use ioGates’ sharing service to get your clips to your crew or client. They can view the clips without downloading, and they can write comments in the browser window. The media can as well be downloaded, in the original format or a different encode, with or without burnt-in time code, created in the ioGates convert menu.


Sharing Service

Any file or folder from ioGates library can be shared in a collaborative workflow. Select the file or folder in the ioGates sharing service, type in the email address or drag it from your contact list. Press “send.” Your recipient will get an email with a link to the files. You can control what your recipient sees on the shared link, including description, converted formats, and metadata – and of course how long the shared link will be accessible, before it expires. If you need extra security, you can enable two-factor authentication. In this case your recipient will also receive an SMS text message with a 4-digit code that is required to access the share.

ioGates has a unique feature, we call Public upload Key. For each ioGates company account we create a Public upload Key user, so when you need to receive files all that is needed are the PUK user information. This way user can upload to your account without seeing any of your files. The public upload user also has the FTP and Masstransit options.


Metadata / XML Import

Use ioGates to create metadata such as descriptions. Any number of searchable meta tags can be assigned, and each file will also show the technical file information, like size, bitrates and field order. ioGates can also receive an XML file together with the media file and automatically import the metadata. You can update the metadata later with a new XML file.



Your client calls up Friday evening and needs a Windows version of the Pro tour 30 sec + 20sec UK the next morning for his PowerPoint presentation in Kuala Lumpur. Normally, you would need to wake up the post-production facility and get them to create the Windows versions and upload them to an FTP server. But once you have built your library in ioGates, you simply select the Pro tour clips, go to the convert menu, select the Windows PowerPoint format, and press convert. You create a folder, copy the clips into it and share them with your client via the ioGates sharing menu. Presto! The client can see the clips and verify they are the right versions on his iPhone. Once he’s back at his hotel, he can easily download the file in Windows format. You are in control of the workflow, you save time and money, and you have a happy client.