To handle and manage video files is no easy task. There are endless numbers of video codes and formats, and video files are simply too large to share via email. ioGates has developed a simple way to handle video files that does not requires any technical knowledge and can be managed from within a web browser. No more struggles with FTP servers or using products designed for consumers, like YouTube, YouSendIt, or DropBox. Now you can manage all your video sharing, converting, and distributing from one single professional application – ioGates.



Control your videos in a simple and non-technical interface that lets anyone share and convert videos using drag and drop – no technical background required! No more problems with video files that you cannot get to your client, website, or PowerPoint. ioGates puts you in control of your video files (and any other media files) from a non-technical web interface.


Library In Full Broadcast Quality

Build a library containing all your video files in the best possible quality in any format, from DV-PAL to ProRes or uncompressed HD. And ioGates is not just for video files. You can upload any type of file: PDF, Microsoft Word, JPEGs and PSDs, audio files – whatever. In your ioGates library, you can create any numbers of folders or sub folders, and each file or folder can be shared using the ioGates sharing service.


Sharing Service

Any file or folder from ioGates library can be shared with anyone. Just select the file or folder in the ioGates sharing service, then type in the email address or drag it from your contact list and press “send.” Your recipient will get an email with a link to the files. You can control what your recipient sees on the share link, including description, converted formats, and metadata – and of course how long the shared link will be accessible before it expires. If you would like extra security, you can enable two-factor authentication. In this case your recipient will also receive an SMS text message with a 4-digit code that is required to access the share.


Upload Files To ioGates

There’s no need to use FTP anymore. At ioGates, we have created a “drag and drop” application for uploading via your web browser. ioGates’ upload software is built with the highest security, of course, and uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP) that is 3 to 4 times faster than old-fashioned FTP. Just drag files of any size and type into your web browser and they will be uploaded to your account. Your ioGates account includes a public login, which post-production companies can use to upload directly to you. It has never been easier to send and receive video files.

ioGates have a unique feature, we call Public Upload Key. For each ioGates company account we create a Public upload user, so when you need to receive files you can give the public upload user information. This way any one can upload to your account without seeing any of your files and the public upload user also has the FTP, browser drag and drop and Masstransit options.



Your client calls up Friday evening and needs a Windows version of the Pro tour 30 sec + 20sec UK the next morning for his PowerPoint presentation in Kuala Lumpur. Normally, you would need to wake up the post-production facility and get them to create the Windows versions and upload them to an FTP server. But once you have built your library in ioGates, you simply select the Pro tour clips, go to the convert menu, select the Windows PowerPoint format, and press convert. You create a folder, copy the clips into it and share them with your client via the ioGates sharing menu. Presto! The client can see the clips and verify they are the right versions on his iPhone. Once he’s back at his hotel, he can easily download the file in Windows format. You are in control of the workflow, you save time and money, and you have a happy client.



In the Distribute menu, we can preset any FTP address, so you can distribute your video to any other FTP server with the click of two buttons. There’s even a built-in conversion to the right video format before transfer. ioGates also controls the length of each filename, so if you have a destination that that needs to have precisely 23 characters, ioGates can make sure that the file name is only 23 characters. ioGates also removes illegal characters like “.//:”#¤”, which many FTP servers will not accept.


Metadata / XML import

Use ioGates to create metadata like descriptions. Any number of searchable metatags can be assigned, and each file will also show the technical file information, like size, bitrates and field order. ioGates can also receive an XML file together with the media file and automatically import the metadata. You can update the metadata later with a new XML file.