The ioGates library is your place to store, manage and work on current media and files in a structured way. The library is a regular tree structure and you can easily move files between folders with drag and drop and using “shift” and “control” modifiers.

File types

Any type of file and size can be uploaded. Video, audio and still pictures will have a proxy preview. Also, text and PDF files can be viewed in the media player.


Any specific file or a complete folder can be shared, to give your client and partners access.


It is possible to receive files from your clients and partners directly into the library. No need to wait for a WeTransfer link to download and then upload it to ioGates. Enable upload on the share links to receive files directly to ioGates, with no limit on file size. Receive auto notification emails when a new file is ingested to the current workflow.


Use “Shift” select to move or copy files and folders around in the library, of course with drag and drop.

Video about move-copy

Auto clean-up

You have the option to auto-delete files in a specified folder based on different parameters. You can set up the cleaning process in 3 ways:

  1. Automatically delete by file age
  2. Automatically delete by file count (quota)
  3. Automatically delete by a specific date

Perhaps you want to reduce storage: Use the option to delete the original master file, but keep the proxy preview file.

Video about auto clean-up

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