The review process for sound designers are often extensive and complex.
Comments can come from 10 different sources and span time zones and calendar months for any given project. Your client receives correctly packaged previews with the ability to comment right to the timecode. This eliminates any misinterpretation on feedback saving an immense amount of time that can be put back into being creative.”

Founder and CEO of SoundFlow, Christian Munk Scheuer, on why we’ve teamed up

An integration, that makes your job easier

The integration between ioGates and SoundFlow enables sound designers to:

What is ioGates?

Smart link sharing

With ioGates popular “Smart Link”, users can share files with external collaborators, who do not even need to have an ioGates account.

Users also have the ability to create multiple sharing rules within each individual “Smart Link,” such as granting access to only specific folders for downloading or uploading.


Your media clips and files are intended for your eyes only – or those colleagues, collaborators, or clients you choose.

We pride ourselves of a focus on, and maintenance of a strong security.

You will find 4 layers of security within ioGates, which meets all your needs for sharing in confidentiality:

  • Two-factor authentication – for paying users
  • Personalized Watermark – for paying users
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) – for paying users
  • Share Link Password – for paying users

Watch this video where SoundFlow demonstrates the integration.


See what you already get when you’re a SoundFlow user or, make the most of the ioGates/SoundFlow integration:

Forever free
1 back-end user
Limited Sharing
5GB storage
Only audio and video files
Files will be deleted after 14 days
Contextual Comments
28€ / Per month
1 back-end user
Unlimited Smart sharing
25GB storage
Any file types
Contextual Comments
MFA Security and password protection
Request files with share link upload
Auto up and download with the Desktop App
Auto Delete