ioGates features for your needs

Handling digital media files involve dealing with a vast and confusing variety of formats and codecs. Files can be large and difficult to share, attaching files to an email can be tricky and viewing without downloading can be a problem.

ioGates has developed a simple solution to handling media files, that does not require advanced technical knowledge and can be securely managed from within a web browser. No more need to struggle with FTP client applications or rely on consumer focused file share services.

ioGates manages media file sharing, converting, and distribution in a professional joined-up workflow management service.

Whether production, post-production or distribution and archive, ioGates has three main entries with special information and user case stories for each category, making it easy for you to decide which ioGates workflow suits your business. Find the information in the menu.

You can at any time sign up for a free 1GB storage account, use the share service, as well as the convert menus. Apart from the restriction on media storage, the free ioGates account is fully functional. Drag-and-drop file management in your browser, secure and accelerated uploads, as well as a professional view-and-share service, all for free – deal of the year!

Please find the features of ioGates below.

General features

ioGates Features for your needs



Any folder or file from your ioGates library can be shared. Select the media in ioGates sharing service, type in the email address or drag it from your contact list. Process, and the recipient will get an email with a link to the files. You control what the recipient can see and do with the media, and define how long the share link will be valid for. If extra security is required, you can enable two-factor authentication. Your recipient will automatically receive a SMS text message with a 4-digit code required to access the shared files.

Link to demo share


Easy and Accelerated Upload

There is no need to use FTP. ioGates has an integrated drag-and-drop application for uploading via your web browser. ioGates upload software has all the latest security features and uses UDP (User Datagram Protocol from MassTransit), which is significantly faster than traditional FTP. Drag any number of files into the upload box and they will be transferred to your account. It has never been easier to share media files in a collaborative environment.

Public Upload User

ioGates has a unique feature, we call Public upload Key. Every ioGates company account has a unique Public upload Key, which allows uploading to your account without having full access. The upload user cannot see what has already been uploaded. Public upload Key will as well allow drag-and-drop to FTP and MassTransit transfers.



ioGates can convert to and from any video format. Select the video file in the ioGates library, drag it into the convert menu and select the format or formats you need and press Process.  Transcoded versions can be shared, just like the master file. ioGates has an extensive range of transcode presets for web & computer formats, as well as Broadcast SD and Broadcast HD requirements.

However, if you work with a format not available in the Process library let us know and we will make it available.

Converting from your master material in ioGates can free up valuable processing time on your local machines, as well as delivering ‘last minute orders’ on time.


Library In Full Broadcast Quality

Build a library containing all your video files in any format, from DV-PAL to ProRes or uncompressed HD.

When using ioGates as your master archive, migrating media to other platforms is just a click away.

The original master file is secure and can be downloaded any time. Transcoded media always originates from the master file ensuring the best possible quality of the transcoded file.

ioGates is not solely video assets. Upload any type of file, e.g. PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel, JPEGs, PSDs and audio files.

In the ioGates library, you can create any number of folders and sub folders, and every folder and file can be shared using the ioGates collaborative share service.



Many web based video players are not able to do frame-by-frame stepping, which makes it impossible to find and identify a particular frame or time code. The ioGates video player has the frame-by-frame stepping functionality and with common keyboard shortcuts you can easily start/stop and step through your videos.

It is possible to burn time code in the picture and do aspect conversions to 4:3 and Scope 2:35.

HD playback is available when the source video is 720p or 1080p.


Distribute To External Servers

In the Distribute menu, we can preset any FTP addresses, so that your material can be uploaded to any FTP server with the click of a couple of buttons. Let’s say your new product video is in QuickTime ProRes format and you would like to update your company website with this new video. Select the new product video in the ioGates library and go to ‘Distribute’, select the destination for your company website and press transfer. ioGates will create the chosen preset format and upload the correct file to your website. We believe it should be easy to distribute and share.

ioGates will also check the length of filenames when uploading. If your receiving party will only accept files with precisely 23 characters, ioGates can make sure that the file name is 23 characters. ioGates also removes illegal characters like “.//:”#?”, which many FTP servers will not accept.


TV Masters

Create 100% ready TV masters with presets for any TV station in the world. Just upload your master and select the TV station. Type in the slate information and press transfer, that’s all. The master will be made with the right audio and video levels. QC (quality control) will be performed and you will see a zip file in the upload menu. The TV master zip package will have a preview attached, so you can preview the TV master. The zip file will contain the TV master, a high resolution QuickTime reference movie with time code embedded, and a PDF with the QC report.


Branding / Company Styling

We can customize the share and email layout to match your own design. From the Preference menu you can download a html template which you can modify to match your liking. You can have as many designs as you like, though only one can be active per company.

Company styling is available in the Professional, Business, and Enterprise accounts.


Metadata / XML Import

Use ioGates to create metadata, like descriptions. Any number of searchable meta tags can be assigned, and each file will also show the technical file information, like size, bitrates and field order. ioGates can also receive a XML file together with the media file and automatically import the metadata. You can update the metadata later with a new XML file.


Intuitive Interface

We believe that routine jobs as well as extremely complicated tasks should be managed using drag-and-drop and simple menus.


Audio Support

ioGates supports audio files and we create a audio preview of your audio file when uploaded. Our audio preview quality set to 192kbps, the same as our video previews. Audio files can be shared exactly the same way as video files, with playback possible from the share links.


Other Files

ioGates supports any type of file. You can upload files such as Word, Excel, Zip, Photoshop, PDF and once they are uploaded can be shared.


Calibration Tool

Our simple calibration tool will help setting up a correct picture on any viewing device. The test image has a standard grey scale and that, together with the skin tones, will enable the user to adjust picture. The test image can be selected in ioGates browser window or from the share link. For dailies or when viewing media where the gamma setting is important, we recommend using an iPad as it is not possible to change the gamma setting on this devices.



When you share a file or folder you will probably want to know if the recipient has been able to access the media. Sharing statistics has a log of user access. It shows how many times a user has logged in, the number of unique Previews and the total numbers of viewed previews, as well as downloads.


Secure, Reliable, Robust, Safe

ioGates cares about your data. ioGates uses 2048 bit EV certificates for encryption of the communication between you and the servers to ensure that your files are securely transferred. When your files are at our servers they are protected by redundancy and three parallel backup systems.

When sharing files you can optionally add two-factor protection via SMS text messages. This makes sure that only the correct person can open your share.