ioGates is not your new MAM (Media Asset-management) software but an add-on to the extending MAM. ioGates can speed up receiving and sending of files in and out of the TV station, in a very simple web-based GUI. Reducing the FTP management, ioGates will reduce about 95% of FTP accounts, giving the technical producer the control to share files for approvals, let the production assistant convert files and let MCR distribute files directly to the on-air server. ioGates is built on top of professional convert ion softwares, like Telestream Vantage, Flipfactory, Episode, Carbon Rhozet etc.


Reduce FTP Administration

Simplify your FTP administration by using ioGates as your gateway in and out of a facility or TV station. You only need one FTP account when uploading files. It is easy to manage and organize files in the ioGates upload menu using the instant preview capability and simplifies file transfer decisions, e.g. archived in the ioGates library, transferred to the On Air server, or shared with other clients. Adding ioGates to your workflow you have full quality control and eliminate errors, like reversed field order or wrong aspect ratio.



In the Distribute menu, we can preset any FTP address, so you can distribute your video to any FTP server with the click of two buttons, and you can add automated conversion to the right video format before transfer. ioGates also controls the length of each filename. If you are transferring to a facility which will only accept files with 23 characters, ioGates will make sure the file name only has 23 characters. ioGates also removes illegal characters like “.//:”#¤”, which many FTP servers will not accept.



ioGates have three ways to upload files. Regular FTP account for automated workflows, browser based drag-and-drop for quick and easy upload.  There are no limits to file size or type in ioGates. In order to be able to deal with very large files, we have integrated Masstransit’s accelerated internet transfer functionality into ioGates.

ioGates has a unique feature, we call Public upload. For each ioGates company account we create a public upload user key, so when you need to receive files you can give the public upload user information. This way anyone can upload to your account without seeing any of your files and the public upload user will also have the FTP, browser drag and drop and Masstransit options.



The producer needs a new promo transcoded into a specific format, e.g. a windows format. Normally that would involve technical support and resources. In ioGates it is shockingly easy, drag-and-drop the original file into the convert window, choose new format and the transcoded version is generated. In ioGates you can preset formats and automate a predefined workflow.


Sharing Service

Any file or can folder from ioGates library can be shared. Just select the file or folder in the ioGates sharing service, type in the email address or drag it from your contact list. Press send. Your recipient will get an email with a link to the files. You can control what your recipient can see in the share link, such as description of shot, converted formats, and metadata – as well as how long the share link will be valid. If required, you can enable two-factor authentication. In this case your recipient will receive a SMS text message with a 4-digit code that is required to access the share.


Metadata / XML Import

Use ioGates to create metadata like descriptions. Any number of searchable metatags can be assigned, and each file will also show the technical file information, like size, bitrates and field order. ioGates can also receive an XML file together with the media file and automatically import the metadata. You can update the metadata later with a new XML file