ioGates can offer an online archive library where you 24/7 have access to a high-resolution proxy preview of your archived media files. In the library you can organize all your media files traditionally tree folder structure, like you know from your computer. Any type of files can be upload, video, audio, stills, pdf, word etc. and not limit on the size either.

Create your library ioGates and there is no limit on how big your library can be, anything from 1TB to hundreds of TB.

Price example for 10000GB (10TB) Euro 170.- pr month, incl. proxy preview and sharing service.

  • Additional 1 GB: Euro 0.2
  • No upload free
  • Download per 1 GB: Euro 0.20
  • 5 share links per month (need more then upgrade to production account)
  • Including security protection with DRM, both in archive and on sharelinks

Contact us for more information at and sign up to get started already today.