A library of all your media clips and files – but so much more!

All your content in one place, along with all the comments and approvals. Elaborated file and access management.

Take a look at some of the available features, which is what makes ioGates our customers’ favourite tool to store, share, work and collaborate on. With a deep toolset especially made for media clips it is practically unparalleled.

Collaboration made easy - with colleagues and clients, across the hallway... or across the planet.

Sharing features

Flexible SharingAny folder or file from ioGates library can be shared.
Share downloadingLet clients download source files, proxy previews or transcoded files.
CollaborationThe com­ments op­tion al­lows you and your team to have con­tex­tual com­mu­ni­ca­tion and re­ceive ap­provals.
NotifyBy default, a notification Email will be sent out to the share recipients when new files are added to the folder.
Group sharingUse the address book to easily share to multiple recipients.
Share optionsManage what the receiver can see on the share links, download, upload, comments, Metadata….
Share permissionAll share permissions can be modified after the share has been sent out, without the need to re-share the link.
UploadLet a share link also become an upload link.
DescriptionAdd a description to each file and let it be shown on the share link.
BrandingDesign each share link with colors and pictures.
Zip DownloadZip download either one shared folder or the entire share link folder structure.
MetaDataShow imported Metadata or let clients download the sidecar XML.

Sharing security

Digital Rights ManagementDRM Encryption all the way to the monitor.
Two Factor AuthenticationThe recipient receives a code on the mobile that must be used to view the link.
Personalized WatermarkThe receivers E-mail address is burned into the proxy video preview.
PasswordAdd a password to all links
Video Management
Wrangle and bend video files to your will

Uploading and Ingest

Workflow Ingest with Desktop AppUse ioGates Desktop app to create multiple ingest workflows from local servers, Laptops, or workstations.
Drag and Drop upload Drag your files directly into ioGates browser upload.
Uploading via FTP, FTPSAny library folder can have a FTP user for direct ingest.
Public Upload UserPublic user and password for general ingest point.
Proxy Preview SpecificationsUpload with proxy specifications to skip transcoding.


Sub-ClipCreate multiple sub-clips from your source file.
TranscodeEach sub-clip can be transcoded to a new format.
FilenameEach sub-clip and be named.
CombineMultiple sub-clips can be combined into one clip.
WorkflowSub-clips can be part of a workflow, so sub-clips can be sent to editing, social media sites, all in one process.


TranscodingTranscode any video file to any codec and format.
PresetSupport for transcoding pre-set for none technical users.
WorkflowTranscode can be incorporated into automatical workflows.


DistributeDistribute any media file from the library to other FTP destinations, including transcoding.
Export XMLDistribute supports XML files together with the media files.

Quality Check

QCUse all features of Telestream Vidchecker inside ioGates.
QC reportRun a QC on a file and get the QC report and have it attached to the source file.
QC workflowQC can be incorporated into automatical workflows.


SubtitlingSupport for multiple language subtitling.
OverlayOverlay real-time subtitles in the media player, both on the backend and share player.
Burn-InBurn-in subtitles on media files in any codec.
Make your day-to-day work faster, with easy drag n' drop features

File Management

Drag and DropMove or copy any file or folder in the library with a simple Drag and drop
Convenient file tree viewCreate any number of folders and any folder can be shared
Unlimited folders and filesNo limit to folders or subfolders
Auto clean upSet auto delete, to delete source or transcoded files at a specific date
Many of ioGates features can be combined into workflows


WorkflowsNearly all ioGates features can be combined into a workflow.
Trigger a workflowA predefined filename can trigger a workflow.
Add fileAdding a new file to a folder can start a workflow.
Ingest, Transcode, Distribute, Social MediaCombine features into advanced workflows.
The Desktop AppUse ioGates Desktop to start the workflow from your local computer.

Social Media

One-click uploadUpload your files to e.g. Facebook and YouTube with one click


MetadataShow imported metadata like title, description, location and so on.
XML importIngest media with an XML file, and ioGates can parse the XML.
XML SidecarSupport for XML sidecar.

Media Player

PlayerThe media player supports video, audio, pictures, text files, and PDFs.
Video playbackDefault “J-K-L” Avid shortcuts to control the video playback speed.
Frame stepToggle between each frame in the clip.
Adaptive bitrate streamingSupport for multiple video bitrates.
TimecodeBurn-in timecode in the proxy preview.
ioGates, right on your desktop

The Desktop App

Auto IngestUse ioGates Desktop App to start the ingest from your local computer.
DistributingThe Desktop App can be set to auto-download from ioGates, even by specific codecs.
Share and ApprovalsNLE editors can just export to the Desktop App watch folder, for auto-sharing.
Dailies, Rushes, WorkflowsUse the Desktop App to share the Dailies/Rushes to the production.
DIT EngineerUse the Desktop App to automate the distribution of dailies to editing stations.
Mirror contentThe Desktop App can mirror the contents of one folder to another folder on another computer anywhere.
Transcode, distributeInstall the Desktop App on any computer and distribute content in the correct codec and formats, specific to each location.
ioGates support enterprise security levels.

Core security

Single Sign-on (SSO)ioGates have the option for companies to use AD/Azure Active Directory to control user access.
SSL/TLSAll communication to and from ioGates is 256bit encrypted.
Access ControlAdd members and restrict permissions. Create and edit group controls.
We know you use other systems - these are the ones ioGates workes with and on


SlackGet notifications on changes
Microsoft TeamsGet notifications on changes
Ringcentral GlipGet notifications on changes
AD/Azure Active Directory to control user access. Single sign on
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