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Different workflows

All production companies have their own workflows, and the dailies process often differs from company to company as well as from project to project.

In this case, Johan Haggstrom from B-Reel Films, lets you know how they use ioGates.

Johan explains:

How B-Reel Film uses ioGates 

We use ioGates in almost every drama project, mainly to send out dailies to the crew, but the dailies process is different from project to project.

For instance, right now, we are working on a drama series with eight episodes of 45 minutes.

We are three different teams working with different sections of the series, and in those types of projects, the dailies process is quite complex.

Another example is the feature film “I AM ZLATAN” we just shot.

80% of the film were shot in Sweden (local country) and 20% in Amsterdam, Holland.

Here we used ioGates both for the dailies process and for transferring the editing files from the set to our editing systems.

We’re basically around 20-25 people receiving the dailies from our editing team.


The DIT would upload the transcoded files to ioGates with the ioGates Desktop app at the end of each day. Three Avid workstations with the desktop app installed would download the camera files overnight. 

When the editor team arrives in the morning, they sync and log the footage and then sent the dailies through ioGates.

That’s our workflow.

So, we both use it for the dailies and for the editing files from set to editing station.

Why did they start using ioGates?

B-Reel Films hasn’t always been using ioGates. But Johan Haggstrom was in need of a tool that could handle the complex process of sharing, collaborating, and transcoding the dailies.

ioGates was recommended by a Swedish postproduction company – and then you could say the rest is history, but the fact is that a recommendation doesn’t cut it: The product/service you invest in needs to deliver value. E.g., by making your job easier:

“I really like the automatic download function that saves us a lot of time!

When we arrive at the office, in the morning after a shooting, we have all the files we need, so we can take the next step forward, so that’s very, very good.”


Johan continues to explain that the security aspect is also of high value to the team:

“The security aspect makes the job easier. It feels really safe.

We can have password-protected links attached to a cell phone, so you get the security code sent to you, which is fantastic in terms of security.

Who said it?

Johan Haggstrom is Post producer and works in Postproduction at BRF.co, which is a fully independent, award-winning production company with offices in Los Angeles and Stockholm.

They do commercials, films, documentaries, TV, music videos, and brand stories with a roster of +30 directors.

B-Reel Films was founded in 1995 as a Film & TV production company.

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