Whether you are on a film set, in a post facility, at a major broadcaster or working with third-party media companies, ioGates is the glue that binds all the delicate processes of film and television production together. From approval workflows over production pipelines to mastering, sales and distribution, ioGates has you covered.


By using proprietary technologies like “Adaptable Share Links” and the “Desktop App” complicated workflows are made simple.

ioGates Adaptable Share Links differs from other file sharing services by being profoundly optimized for media production. Sharing is bidirectional – all parties can send and receive content. It can be used as a stand-alone service or as a complement to your existing media management setup as the in/out gateway for media sharing and receiving.


ioGates is a small and very specialized and adaptable company. We can’t brag of having a million users, but as we see it this is our strength. We honestly don’t want a million users. We want to be able to be adaptable to our clients requests and help out each of our clients so they get the service they need. At ioGates every client is equally important as we serve the professional community.


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ioGates comply with DPP and TPN for secure content delivery

Share and Receive
Sharing is a two-way street. With ioGates' unique Adaptable Share Links you can opt to receive content as well as sharing it with a simple click. From any folder in the entire ioGates Library.
Pro Security
There are several levels of security, some for user access and others for preventing unauthorised downloading
Cloud Media Management
Media Management
Ingest any file type and size. HTTP upload, FTP/SFTP or use ioGates Desktop App to create automated ingest workflows
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Sub Clip
Create sub-clips by marking IN and OUT in the proxy player and combine all sub-clips into one and have it automatically transferred to an NLE workstation or publish to social media sites. Automatically create ingest workflows with ioGates Desktop App.
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The ioGates library is a regular tree structure and works with drag and drop to move files between folders. Use "shift select" to move or copy multiple files or folders around in the library.
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MAM Features
QC workflows (Quality Check) with Telestream Vidchecker. Transcode to virtually all formats and codecs with simple presets or embed into automated workflows. Upload media files directly from ioGates Library to Social Media sites. Real-time subtitling overlay with multiple language support also on the share links. Create burn-in subtitle files in any format.
De­signed to de­liver your me­dia files to clients world­wide, ioGates is the most flex­i­ble shar­ing ser­vice you will find in the cloud and per­fect for dailies.
DIT Engineer
Use the io App to automate the distributions of dailies to editing stations.
Secure Share Links
Two-Fac­tor Au­then­ti­ca­ted share login, Digital Rights Management – DRM Encryption all the way to the monitor, Personalized Watermark – The receivers E-mail is burned into the proxy video preview.
The Desktop App
Create distribution workflows. Mirror file locations and give film editors an easy way to send approvals to the clients.
The Desktop App
The Desktop is an app you can install on any server, workstation, and laptops and view and download content from ioGates share links.
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Mobile Upload App Workflow Examples
Learn more about what you can do with the workflow app
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